Educare for Exceptional Children LLC ™

EFEC ™ specializes in research and effective teaching practices. EFEC's experts are experienced in school learning reform, assisting educational institutions to meet the highest global standards in the job market through practiced network, researched-base, publishing, e-consulting, skilled training and marketing holistic therapeutic services.


Summer Membership Conference
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2016
Time: 10AM-5PM
Place: 209 Clermont Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209
Price: Free

Consulting Procedures

The process includes an initial assessment of need.
Development of appropriate staff development programs
Setting goals and planning
Aligned to the direction of stakeholders
An ongoing evaluation of progress is recommended to ensure the effectiveness of coaching programs.

Professional Development

The professional development is designed for those educators, lifelong learners with a sense of moral obligation seeking to develop on a personal and /or make career advancement.

Registration Process

We offer a 30 minutes free consultation and charge an hourly rate thereafter.
The customers complete the rating and may choose to pursue a research based approach package
We use the institutional assessment needs to develop a plan strategically.
Institutions determine the curriculum, instruction, management and supervision needs to be addressed.

Educare for Exceptional Children LLC ™

EFEC is a reputable and innovative management pedagogic consulting firm, established to collaborate with organizations attaining to achieve the school learning needs of the 21st century. It is a branch of a national network of educational leaders and educators who believe in helping children to reach their potentials.

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Our Services

  • Professional Development
    EFEC offers conferences, coaching and mentoring to assist in the improvement of professional competence by providing a process of observation, reflection, and action. Read More
  • Consulting
    EFEC is not limited to helping parents in educational planning. However, EFEC primarily offers to consult services by addressing educators’ concerns and follow a systemic process. Read More
  • Publishing
    Publishing is intended for scholars interested in the dissemination of their research in EFEC online database. There is a processing fee for the development, legal fees, acquisition, editing, graphic design, printing, binding and marketing fees. The author would have the full right to establish an agreeable marketing strategy. Read More

Latest News

Published on Mar 30, 2014

Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC is a privately owed company established in New York to close the achievement gap through the use of technology, professional development and research.

Published on Apr 10, 2014

April 22, 2014 is Earth Day. Through education, we can learn to appreciate the Earth and live harmoniously.


I am thankful for the 30 minutes free Consulting service to assist my son as a special need child. My son can benefit from this cost effective service. I have great joy when my son smiles and responds to the learning activities.

F. Montfleury, CAA

I am most impressed with EFEC bilingual consultants and the educational technology that is used to implement effective changes in education.

S. Sutterland

Educare for Exceptional Children is by far the best educational network for children, parents and educational institution. I have encountered highly dedicated professionals with a sense of commitment in education.

P. Charles, Business Consultant

The academic school year 2012-13 was a challenge. I decided to become a member because EFEC can help me to stay a breast with current teaching methodology and can provide me with the best teaching practices. I am fortunate to have explored school projects that will prepare my students for the 21st century.

M. Ferarri, Educational Consultant

EFEC has extended patience, professionalism and dedication to help my son learn through the use of technology. I am more motivated to reinforce learning activities. I look forward to a continuation of membership with EFEC.

G. Anglade, Events Planner