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Who are EFEC Independent Consultants?

As our need for consultants continues to arise, EFEC will consider your request to become a consultant if you fall under these requirements:

Hold a Professional License in the area of expertise

You are a savvy in a particular field.

You are qualified to complete work as an advisor to either an individual or company.

Have a solid experience in the field

Background Clearance

Submission of Application and required documents

Willingness to provide free 30-minute consulting is a plus.

Bilingual is a plus

What areas of expertise needed?

Areas of Needs are as follow:

Educational Leadership

Special Education





Where are the assignments located?

Our experiences with clients have been assignments that are in the local communities and not limited to remote assignments.

When will the assignment start and end?

Every assignment is based on the based on EFEC’s independent consultant agreement. Any amendments should be made in a timely fashion.

Determine if being an Independent Consultant with EFEC is right for you

An Independent Consultant runs special projects, and the length of time may vary.

An Independent Consultant may be assigned to more than one assignment at times.

EFEC identifies the market niche; in which as an Independent Consultant, you would not have as many expenses as a regular business owner.

As a non-employee, you are accountable for paying your individual taxes and responsible for your covering your own benefits. Talk to a tax consultant about a tax deduction in relation to work assignments.

We make no promises to keep the work coming. It is based mainly on the supply and demand law of economics.

An Independent Consultant assignment may lead to obtaining a permanent job.

Give speeches or teach courses.

How Do I apply?

Interested independent Consultants may respond to our advertised post here:

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