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Who are EFEC Independent Contractors?

Contractors are self-employed and provide services to clients or a third party on behalf of EFEC.

Hold a Professional License in the area of expertise

What are the areas of expertise needed?

Areas of Needs are as follows:

Environmental Issues

Technology Education

Learning Managers

Determine if being an Independent Contractor with EFEC is right for you

You are free from control of the client

Be responsible for the end-result under the EFEC terms of the contract.

You are to exercise your judgment as to the manner and strategies to accomplish the end-result.

The contractor is responsible for any liability brought against EFEC in connection to your assignment.

A 1099 are given at the end of the tax year.

Perform specific task or complete project.

You know your job and how to do it.

How Do I apply?

Interested independent Consultants may respond to our advertised post here:

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