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Knowing your Legal Rights in Education is a newly engaging platform at Educare For Exceptional to provide legal information through our legal network. We are compelled to integrate this feature on our site because of the number of inquiries made about the academic assistance related to legal matters in education. Whereas, a legal issue will be re-directed to appropriate channels or advise the individual to seek council from an attorney, EFECLLC ™ do not provide legal advice. We can only inform or redirect you to connect with attorneys who can help you understand your rights.


EFECLLC ™ seeks to understand legislative issues related to education and to ensure that our customers receive appropriate assistance; rather than spending numerous hours in consultations that are not academically related. We encourage individuals to explore their local resources prior to our services; meanwhile our network of reputable attorneys can advocate on your behalf to ensure that your local school district is held responsible for accessibility to information pertaining to individual rights in education.


Research shows that a quality early childhood education is by far most significant for the cognitive development of children. These children will consistently be high academic achievers, are less likely to drop out, repeat grades, or engage in illegal activities. Assisting all students for academic readiness is crucial to their future success and for the betterment of society. It is also pivotal for closing the achievement gaps among socio-economically disadvantaged students. Here is a landmark Abbott v. Burke of a court ruling that requires preschool as an important element of the right to public education. Through the project Knowing your Legal Rights in Education, EFECLLC™ connects you with appropriate legal advocacy groups, and state and national policymakers on educating the public about their rights to a high quality preschool education around the country.

Secondary Education Reform

The Knowing your Legal Rights in Education-was established by EFECLLC™ to engage and support implementation of adequate middle and high school reform in New York’s urban districts. We are cognizant that stakeholders, policymakers and the public may help to decrease dropout rates, increase graduation and increase transitioning to college rates and narrow the achievement gaps.

Special Education

Students with disabilities are considered to be among the most vulnerable members of society, and are deemed to the "free and appropriate education.” This entitlement is a vital element of success for their development and throughout their lifespan. In the ruling of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the U.S. Congress specified that high expectations and accessibility to the general education curriculum in a general education classroom (to the maximum extent appropriate) are crucial to children with disabilities.

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