Educare for Exceptional Children LLC ™


Who is Educare for Exceptional Children?

Educare for Exceptional Children is unique because the name signifies caring educators, joining to meet the educational needs of both gifted and special-needs children. EFEC reaches this goal through enrichment programs and the venue of preparing educators and by engaging the learning community in various services for the betterment of coping in a global competitive world in the 21st century.

What kind of trainings and seminars do EFEC provide?

The learning community offers individual and group professional development, consulting, publishing and enrichment programs for children.

What does Special Education include?

In relation to special Education, children may benefit through the music enrichment and art enrichment services, as well as offering a customized educational plan or assistance for children who are autistic.

How much does it cost?

Cost may vary. However, EFEC will beat any price in the market and offer a grace period that the client can change their mind within the privacy policy of EFEC.

Where is EFEC based?

EFEC is presently incorporated in New York, and services are offered in a community-based setting. However, many EFEC services are conducted remotely for clients that are technologically equipped and trained.

How will a person benefit from this job-wise?

EFEC is a private firm that is being reformed. Presently, the needs are more prevalent for independent contractors/consultants. Interested prospects must forward credentials to

How can a person volunteer with EFEC?

Qualified Interns are welcome as EFEC is seeking to partner with Higher-Education institutions. However, anyone interested in being a volunteer must forward credentials to

What is Bloom’s Taxonomy?

The Bloom’s taxonomy is the classification of meeting educational goals and is named for Benjamin Bloom.

How can a person become an active member of EFEC?

EFEC plans on offering organizational membership based on demand.

Does membership constitute ownership rights?

No. This membership is considered more of a social network to enhance a person needs as a parent, an educator, and pedagogic leader, policy maker or educational research.