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What is Professional Development?

The professional development is designed for those educators, lifelong learners with a sense of moral obligation seeking to grow on a personal and /or make career advancement.

EFEC’s Provision of Professional Development

The professional growth plan is a coaching program designed to identify core competencies, create problem-solving methods; use of research and data and hands-on experience tasks are addressed at designated workshop sites. EFEC is committed to coach and endorse workshops that are globally relevant to real-life experience, educationally rewarding, integrating project-based, interdisciplinary, technology incorporated, and research-driven curriculum and classroom strategies.

The Strategies EFEC Uses

EFEC’s strategic approach to Professional Development focuses on preparing the educator to the capacity of enhancing his or her ability to do the work effectively. As a result, this will maximize the students’ potential.

The 21st century approach

Providing online professional development in a collaborative platform through discussion board and facilitating interaction to promote critical thinking and developing problem-solving skills.

Case Study Method

EFEC consultants focus on the analysis of events, persons, periods, decisions, projects, policies, institutions. According to J. Creswell, data collection in a case study happens over a "sustained period of time."


The focus is on enhancing the educators’ awareness and refinement of his or her own craft through structured opportunities for reflection and examination.

Technical Assistance

The educator engages in methodological or practicum; develops a selected topic to improve by recommending resources and information in a supportive manner that fosters collaborative effort changes.

How EFEC offers Professional Development

EFEC offers conferences, coaching and mentoring to assist in the improvement of professional competence by providing a process of observation, reflection, and action. EFEC focuses on staying abreast with new technology, knowledgeable about best teaching practices and to comply with regulatory, organizational mandates meeting the professional needs of all learners in the 21st century. EFEC offers both group and individual professional development. We encourage the individual to work within the framework of the practiced requirements of his or her state.

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